Kena: Bridge of Spirits 2.03 Update Patch Notes

Kena: Bridge of Spirits 2.03 update is now out, and here is a detailed list of the improvements and fixes included with this patch.

the current version does not include any substantial updates or new features. Instead, it concentrates on problem fixes and tweaks.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Update: The 2.03 patch includes the following:

Fix for performance difficulties on PS5 when resuming an Activity. 

When restarting the game in New Game+ mode, you can now acquire more than 100 Rot. 

The Shrine Guardian Combat Reflection Trial now has a glitch that prevents the bonus goal "Cleansing Strike" from being awarded. 

Kena Outfit animation fixes and improvements and Crash fixes 

The problem that allowed the Woodknight to attack during the spawn animation has been resolved. 

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